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Innovative Gift wrapping paper ideas

Though not all goodies shops would charge for gift wrapping in some place there will be charges for gift wrapping due to which people are showing interest in learning the gift wrapping process. Some people started selecting the gift wrapping paper with in house. Most of the times than elders children would stand first to list out some innovative gift wrapping paper ideas as they tend to have habit of playing with several kinds of papers.

Types in Gift Wrapping Paper

Saving some pennies by planning self gift wrapping and preparing self gift tags try below creative ideas of wrapping jewelry boxes or wooden boxes or Christmas gifts with below recycled materials.

Newspaper Gift Wrap: The best cheap gift wrapping paper is newspaper. But making this wrapping with the poster in the newspaper pertaining to the person would be an excellent idea. You can also think of more innovative ideas like selecting the sports page with different watch adds if you are packing a gift box that contains watch in it. For women the varieties of jewelry would be good to indicate that you are presenting either jewelry boxes or a ring in small gift bags.

Brown gift wrap: Select a blank colored paper and then decorate it with your own art or paste the pictures from magazines to make it attractive.

Fabric Gift wrap: When you select gift bags or jewelry boxes as gift then better to select a colorful scarf or napkin to cover the box from the corners and also use ribbons etc to completely cover the box.

Home made gift bags: You can also cover the small valuable gift you bought in a fabric bag which you would stitch three sides. One more innovative idea is to make larger bags from a colorful attractive pillow cases and make it special by adding a grosgrain ribbon.

Maps used as wrapping paper: It is an excellent idea to get an antique online map and print it on a paper and use it for gift wrapping for your Christmas gift or holiday gift.

Recycled gift wrap: Always preserve the gift box and gift tags that do not have names on them for future use.

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